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How Understanding the Business Around User Experience Design Will Make You Better at the Business of User Experience Design

Patrick Purdy, Senior User Experience Designer, United Healthcare Group

As the profession of User Experience Design has evolved, it has become more specialized, more effective, and more complicated. This complexity has made it more difficult for designers to communicate with those outside their discipline. Using examples pulled straight from the business world, Patrick talks about how to bridge that gap and effectively communicate the value of design in a language that project stakeholders and business owners can understand. By repurposing a "revolutionary" strategic business tool, Porter's Five Forces, he also provides designers with a framework for better understanding the business landscape and making an impact on the bottom line.

ICT-based Service in Public Transportation

Takeshi Nakagawa, Deputy Director, Frontier Service Development Laboratory, East Japan Railway Company

This multi-faceted presentation by Mr. Takeshi Nakagawa, Deputy Director of Frontier Service Development Lab, will include a corporate overview of JR East, its strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in enhancing public transportation, the development of its proprietary 'Suica' smart card payment facilitation ecosystem, R&D initiatives on passenger information systems (e.g. wayfinding), and an overview of its newly built Smart Station Lab for full scale usability testing of the various ICT-based services.

Transitioning to Web 3.0

Jason Withrow, Usable Development and Internet Professional Instructor, Washtenaw Community College

Web 3.0 technologies and approaches create web experiences that communicate information more clearly to both humans and machines, while building upon the social and technological foundations of Web 2.0. Learn about these emerging technologies and how they can take your work to the next level.