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Engaging Mobile Automotive Shoppers

Jodi Bollaert, Customer Experience Strategist, MRM/McCann

In recent years, the enormous growth in popularity of mobile devices as a tool for accessing the Internet has created opportunities to conduct research that helps us understand what works and doesn't work from a visual, content and interaction design standpoint. This interactive presentation will focus on key learnings from a mobile automotive shopping context that may apply to your industry as well. In addition, this talk will touch on mobile research methods that don't require elaborate time or expense.

Mobile First Government

Jim Taylor, Chief Technology Officer, Oakland County
Kurt Opel, e-Government Consultant, Oakland County
Matt Dempsey, e-Government Consultant, Oakland County

The most disruptive shift in the digital media marketplace has been the shift from desktop to mobile platforms (Comscore 2014). In this session Oakland County will provide a strategy for Mobile-First development and usability using an hybrid approach. We will share some of the necessary components required and an development approach we have used for successful implementation of a Mobile-First web and application initiative.

Leveraging Human Behavior to Drive Engagement

Erik Wesslen, User Experience Designer, TechSmith

Designers across the world continue to strive to develop engaging user experiences. Only by understanding human behavior and what drives usage can we begin to create truly engaging experiences. This talk explores areas of human behavior that applicable to experience design and hopes to empower attendees with concepts that can immediately be put to use.

Mobile Accessibility

Gian Wild, Director, AccessibilityOz

Gian Wild will be speaking about how to make your mobile sites accessible. WCAG2 was written before mobile devices were ubiquitous, and there are some accessibility issues unique to the mobile format, such as lack of keyboard, lack of mouse hover and reduced screen size. Gian will be talking about the most common problems and how you can avoid them.

Designing and Building the User Experience

Scott Wilthew, Director of Web Development, Jackson National Life Insurance Co.

It is possible for a business to experience benefits from their "digital investments" by incorporating User Experience (UX) methodologies at various stages during the project lifecycle. Alignment with key project milestones allows UX best practices to be tied directly to a traditional Systems Development Methodology (SDM) creating an overall process that results in tangible gains—as seen through comprehensive requirements documentation, tighter process control, and improved customer satisfaction. This presentation examines how UX best practices have enhanced the SDM at one of America’s fastest-growing annuity providers.