MSU UARC is shutting down effective June 30, 2021. We are no longer taking on new projects.


Getting the House in Order: Card Sorting to Improve Findability

Carol Righi, Principal, UX Research (St. Louis)

A.A. Milne, author of the classic Winnie-the-Pooh books once said, "Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up."

These are wise words for website and application owners. Of course, although getting organized sounds straightforward, many challenging questions arise in the process. How do we come up with a scheme, or taxonomy, that neatly and logically houses all of our content? What should we name the buckets, or categories, of content so they're easily recognized? When is it wise to place items in multiple buckets? and, How do we know we have the right scheme before we invest in building it out?

This presentation will address these and other questions about website and application taxonomy. Examples from multiple taxonomy projects conducted for the State of Michigan will be used to illustrate the questions and challenges of content organization. Techniques including card sorting and tree validation will be described and discussed. Attendees will come away with practical ideas for organizing their websites and applications.

Designing Mission Critical Experiences

Keith Instone, Experience Architect in Residence, Michigan State University

As digital technologies disrupt business and society at accelerated rates, organizations are turning to various design disciplines, such as interaction design, user experience, and usability engineering, to help them survive and grow in our increasingly digital world. Organizations are re-thinking how to specify the way a product or service behaves, what to build to meet customer needs, how to build it, and how to make design and business decisions along the way.

Optimizing UX Culture and Maturity Levels

Darren Hood, User Experience Manager, Bosch (Detroit)

Massive recognition of the importance and ROI of user experience has brought unforeseen challenges to many companies, leading us to seek out strategies to gauge and manage UX's culture and the associated maturity level in our organizations. This talk will focus on the challenges and prescribe strategies for optimizing success with our UX-related efforts.

Sustainable Development: Insights from Design Research in Rural Kenya

George Hope Chidziwisano, Graduate Research Assisstant, MSU Department of Media and Information
Ian O'Bara, Graduate Research Assisstant, MSU UARC

With this years theme of Sustainable UX and the recent adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it is more important than ever to highlight the insights and innovations under privileged communities can bring to User Experience and truly Human-Centered Design. In this presentation we will highlight ways in which villagers in a rural Kenyan community are creating new designs from recycled material and what lessons we can take away to use in our own design thinking and approach.

Usable for Everyone: Accessibility as UX

Sylvia Pellicore, Web Accessibility Advisor, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

When you test and design products, do you have all your users in mind? Not everyone interacts with technology in the same way. Millions of people around the world use assistive technology like screen readers, magnifiers, captions, or even plain old keyboards to access the tools they need. In this talk, Sylvia Pellicore will give you a quick introduction to accessibility and talk about how to incorporate it into your UX design and testing. Come learn how to build a better product for everyone.