MSU UARC is shutting down effective June 30, 2021. We are no longer taking on new projects.


UX in Government: Making Space for the Work

Liz Odar, Digital Services Expert, U.S. Digital Service, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Not all organizations welcome UX with open arms. They may be more focused on meeting a deadline or think that redesigning something that's already built is a waste of time. This can be especially true in long-standing, hierarchical organizations like the federal government. Liz will share her experiences of working inside the government for the past two years and tactics for doing UX design in an unfamiliar environment.

Communicating Organizational Change Projects as a Gardener and/or as a Chef

Benjamin Lauren, Assistant Professor, MSU Experience Architecture Program

When we lead groups of people through organizational change projects, leaders must make space for people to participate. How leaders communicate to make space for participation is influenced significantly by their leadership values and beliefs. In this presentation, we will learn about two communicative metaphors - gardening and cooking - to help workplace leaders think about how to manage the communication of organizational change projects. The presentation will give examples from two views: one from a leader who operates as a gardener and another who approaches change management as a chef.

The Tommy Edison Experience

Tommy Edison ("The Blind Film Critic"), The Tommy Edison Experience

Tommy Edison will talk about his life as someone who has been blind since birth. He will discuss his popular YouTube channels ("The Tommy Edison Experience" and "The Blind Film Critic") and will share stories about living in a sighted world as a blind person. Tommy will provide personal insights into how people who are blind interact with websites, mobile phones, and other technologies, and discuss some ways that designers can better accommodate individuals with visual impairments.

Creating Inclusive UX Environments

Rebecca Zantjer, User Experience Researcher & Anthony Fontana, User Experience Leader, Owens Corning

As a new team situated within a traditional IT organization and interfaced with various marketing leaders, the Owens Corning User Experience team has spent two years attempting to build an inclusive user experience design and research process where everyone's voice is heard— but the user's voice is heard loudest of all. Along the way, we've wrestled with tough questions and developed a number of strategies that have— and have not — worked for us on our journey towards an inclusive UX environment. In this talk, we will tell some stories and share a preliminary roadmap for other UX teams seeking to grow influence within their organizations.

Trick or Treat? Dark Patterns in UX Design

Jodi Bollaert, Vice President of Customer Experience Strategy & Research, MRM//McCann

Dark patterns in UX are a digital experiences intentionally crafted to trick users into doing things, such as click a link or provide personal information, in exchange for some perceived benefit that is usually exaggerated, or all-together false. In this presentation, you'll be introduced to dark pattern types, be shown real-world examples, and learn some tricks and tips to avoid leaving users feeling cold.