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Why Does Siri Sound White?

AmberNechole Hart, Product Designer, Y Media Labs

Imagine a future where you don't have to change your voice to interact with Siri. It's possible, but we have to start considering how language perpetuates oppression and expand our view on the "right voice" for our technology. In Why Does Siri Sound White? we'll explore how coded language verbally and programmatically reproduce and reinforce bias that show up in current and emerging voice technologies.

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Infusing Accessibility Throughout the Whole Digital Creation Process

Naa Marteki Reed, Senior User Experience Designer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a federal agency. We consider it part of our mission to empower and educate the American public through various ways, and we have an in-house design and development department for the creation of usable and accessible items for the American public. This talk will review the three low-cost and low-lift methods which CFPB's design and development group currently uses for both print and web products—and how they have continued to build upon them to improve.

Looking Forward - Designing for our Future Selves

Regine Gilbert, Industry Assistant Professor, New York University

Immersive technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality miss a lot of opportunities when it comes to accessibility. In this session, we will discuss immersive technologies, inputs, outputs, interface design and the opportunity to design for our future selves.

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Heuristics: The Holy Grail of UX

Darren Hood, Senior Learning Experience Designer, Michigan State University

Since the publication of the renowned polar bear book, the world of UX has continued to evolve and expand with several methods, methodologies, deliverables, and artifacts each having their turn on center stage. Over this time, some have expressed sentiment that some once highly-touted UX principles are no longer important, but it is important to identify and note how important base factors can be to our daily efforts. It is time for heuristics to take center stage once again. Therefore, this talk will introduce to some and serve as a reminder to others that heuristics serves as an extremely critical and core component to help optimize design efforts, achieving wins for users and for the business, to the extent that we could think of it as a proverbial "holy grail" of UX.

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