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Mobile User Experience Research Methods & Context of Use

With the rapid growth and development of mobile technologies, there is a need for examination of current mobile UX research to understand whether the methods being used have or are evolving (e.g., into the wild) and how mobile context of use may be considered for these types of studies. This master's thesis describes a systematic literature review to understand the types of methods, evaluation settings, procedures, focuses, study designs, tools, and context considerations used for mobile UX research. Overall, the results indicate a further push into the "wild" or field settings and a broadening of UX mobile research and contextual considerations through the use of more open and less restrictive methods, conducting research in dynamic environments of use over semi-longitudinal time periods, and the use of a range of methods and tools based on the goals and context of each study to allow for greater understanding of impacts and performance. However, further research and consideration are needed for the inclusion of a broader range of experiences and user or social contexts to continue to understand and meet the needs of humans and their ever expanding and evolving technological ecosystems.


  • Ismirle, J. (2018). Mobile user experience research methods & context of use: A systematic literature review (Master's thesis). Michigan State University, ProQuest document ID: 2104040987