MSU UARC is shutting down effective June 30, 2021. We are no longer taking on new projects.

USACE Visitor Surveys

2012-2013 National Visitors Survey (2012-2013)

The purpose of this project was to provide technical assistance with instrument design and data analysis of the Corps of Engineers' national visitor survey. The MSU research team designed the survey instrument, which was launched in August, 2011. Surveys across the US were conducted through the summer of 2012, and a Q&A page about the survey is posted at

Natural Resources Questionnaire Review and Clearance Package (2014-2015)

The project goal is to continue and extend previous research by the principal investigator and co-principal investigator on developing reliable and valid instruments used by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to conduct visitor surveys pertaining to outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship. The MSU team will serve as the peer reviewers of the USACE's compendium of surveys and methodologies as required for OMB (Office of Management and Budget) clearance submission. We will use expert reviews to organize and consolidate past survey instruments and methodologies based on acceptable social science criteria, USACE requirements for public feedback and appropriateness of instruments and questions from related studies. Our team will develop additional surveys and questions if appropriate to fill in gaps and provide content for Supporting Documents A and B required for OMB approval.

  • Dennis Propst (PI) and Sarah Swierenga (Co-PI)
  • Graham Pierce (Co-I)
  • Grant funder: USDA/US Army Corps of Engineers