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Vulnerable Populations

This study was designed to promote the efficient operation of the Medicaid program by determining the current rates of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable Medicaid populations and by estimating the current and projected impact of such recipient maltreatment on Medicaid funds. Accurate estimates of rates and costs have informed practical and cost-effective policy decisions related to Medicaid initiatives. Further, data garnered through the project has been used for impact assessments of other state and federal policy decisions. The user experience evaluation addressed the effectiveness and efficiency of the intake process for the handling of abuse, neglect, and exploitation complaints received by the two organizations. The research and resulting publications are driving public policy decisions at the state level.

  • Lori Post (PI), Swierenga (Co-PI), and several other MSU faulty served as Co-PIs
  • Grant funder: US Dept. of Health and Human Services/Centers for Medicaid and Medicare and the Michigan Department of Community Health


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